About Us


Our mission is to develop and offer integral logistics solutions to our clients, satisfying their need in a fast, safe, personal and cost-effective manner as if they were our very own.

Polytec Supply, LLC. is a worldwide supplier for all Commercial, Marine, Military Aircraft, and Aerospace parts, including:


We operate directly with various manufactures such as Honeywell, Hamilton and Bell Helicopter just to name a few, and we also operate with FAA-JAA and Military Repair Station for your entire repair and overhaul needs.

Polytec Supply, LLC. is headquartered in Miami – Florida staffed with highly qualified and certified personnel with years of experience in the fields and strongly motivated to provide integral services.

Our facility is conveniently located just minutes from Miami Int’l Airport to facilitate all your AOG requests.

In our company each customer has different requirements, specific to its own business. There is no “one size fits all” solution. Our consultant works with you to identify your exact need and provide “tailor made” solutions.

We understand how difficult it is to find a trustable supplier that will provide all your company needs, this is how we commit ourselves to provide high quality services and maximize benefits by providing novel solutions and by continuously improving our operation’s quality management.