Polytec Supply, LLC. offers a complete set of supply chain and logistics services in response to customer requirements, which includes:

Order ProcessingManagement of multiple vendorsManaging and Controlling Inventory so that stock levels are maintained with minimum shelf-life wastage.WarehousingBatch TraceabilityShelf-LifeQuality ControlStorage and delivery of products in accordance with current legislation, codes of practice and environmental controls.

Polytec Supply, LLC. also provides all of its customers with products that, without exception, comply with all aerospace industry specifications and regulations.

Every product that we ship and handle has 100% Traceability needed guarantee as well the maximum Shelf-Life available.

Benefits of working with Polytec Supply

To gain individual and overall discounts on spare and consumable parts, allowing your company to focus on its objectives while saving money in the process of acquisition.To decrease the need of procurement staffing, and decrease the cost of infrastructure facilities and personnel by simplifying the supply chain.To take advantage of new, creative and innovative methods of spare and consumables delivery and procurement.To take advantage of our existing global distribution capability and access to the most diverse parts information infrastructures in spares and consumable parts network.To benefit from our specialization, dedication and our continuous developments towards acquisition and maintenance cost rationalization, and to share and benefit from our alliances network across the aerospace industry.To have the confidence that your company logistics systems and concepts are following the ultimate trends of aerospace logistics technology.

Polytec Supply, LLC. has built a reputation for excellence in the Export of goods worldwide; our Export team is all qualified and accredited to I.A.T.A Standards and is required to attend regular revalidation courses.

Our rule is to provide a fast and efficient management of all links in the logistics that your product will follow so that your goods are delivered under the best condition and within the agreed timeline.